We analyse your site’s suitability for solar, determine your true energy costs, and gauge your solar energy savings potential. This involves an audit of energy bills and a brief site assessment. We then analyse this information, navigate all available incentives, and design a customised solar solution to maximise return on investment.


We are able to create one seamless package by leveraging utility rebates, tax credits, utility expense savings and financing. We offer the most competitive financing options available in the market, so that we deliver net cash positive investments every year during payback.


Our engineers analyse each proposed solar location and design solar arrays that conform to electrical, building and other code requirements. This assures the system is designed correctly and will be structurally and electrically sound throughout its operating life.


Our CEC accredited teams efficiently install and commission your system and connects your system to the electrical grid. We are committed to making sure your solar system produces its full potential to maximise your return on investment.


Our team uses the latest monitoring technology to oversee your system’s performance to ensure that it is performing optimally.


Our maintenance teams will provide you with a thorough check and clean of your system to ensure everything is safe, and to maximise the energy output from the system.