What do small shops, manufacturing facilities, agricultural establishments, resorts and hospitals all have in common? They can all benefit from integrating solar energy systems with their business model. Pure Green Energy prides itself on servicing the needs of businesses of all sizes; meeting your sustainability goals as well as providing a strong return on your financial investment. We are a solar developer with happy customers through out Victoria.


Why Pure Green Energy?

Pure Green Energy is a leader in commercial solar. We have the financial strength, resources, and experience to optimise your project and save costs.

Pure Green Energy has built an extensive resume of large and small commercial projects, and has built a reputation for safety, quality, and the ability to perform extremely difficult and complex projects.

– We provide industry leading value for clients

– We will assist you to achieve your environmental sustainability goals and objectives

– With over 12 years of experience in each aspect of the development process, you can be assured that you will receive unmatched efficiency

– With strong leadership, we assist clients to build programs from the ground up to significantly reduce their expenditure on electricity

– We believe there is always a solution, whether it’s client owned or a leased property

Feasibility Study

As with any investment, assurance that the initial capital cost will be recouped is essential for a business seeking to be competitive in a fast-paced marketplace. This is why the first step in any potential Pure Green Energy solar installation is to produce a detailed financial model, which compares your current utility rate structure with future solar energy production to calculate your projected savings. Annual savings from the solar arrays are plotted against the monthly costs of a utility-dependent energy system to accurately chart the savings you will be able to add back into your budget.

Sectors we currently serve:

– Commercial installations

– Agricultural

– Educational Campus’

– Industrial applications

– Council facilities

– Rooftop installations

– Solar carports

Secure Your Future

In your initial project estimate, our finance team can provide your expected savings each year over the lifetime of your system. Our warranties and production guarantees mean you can go solar with extremely low risk.

Solar Energy for Agricultural Customers

Pure Green Energy knows from experience how to make agriculture solar projects successful. We’ve worked with growers, processors, vineyards, cold storage facilities, packing operations, nurseries, and a wide range of other agricultural businesses. Pure Green Energy has delivered to the agriculture industry throughout Victoria.

Predictability Matters

Labour costs, access to water, weather and market conditions all vary every year. Solar panels for farm use can offset a significant portion of overall operating costs and create greater business predictability. With the agriculture sector’s incentives and access to solar financing, solar is a solid business decision with a rapid payback.